Before you contact us please go through the following Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I order using a check or money order?
Send your check or money order along with your order # written on the top of your check or money order to:

Customer Service Dept.
Unit 180 - 10 Smed Lane SE
Calgary, Alberta

After you place your order, it will go in pending status until we recieve your Check/Money order. Once the Check/Money order is cleared, we will start the processing of your order. It will take 2-5 business days after the Check/Money order is cleared before you recieve your order.

Before I place my order, how do I change the shipping address?
Login to your account by clicking on My Account and then entering your account email and password. Once logged in, click on View or change entries in my address book. Here you can either EDIT or ADD more addresses in there.

What is the last day in December to guarantee delivery before Christmas?

You can visit Shipping Information to get the general idea and then please visit our Contact Us and speak to one of our Customer Service Representative to confirm the last day.

Why don't Santa And Me take phone orders?

We really wish we could, but we need to have our customers write out the personalizing that needs to be done. Also, we do not have the staff to take down all the information like addresses on credit cards and shipping address, etc. Finally, our customer's credit card charges are processed automatically in a "safe" environment, not as in a store. We would like to be able to help, but taking phone orders will only cause problems.

Is your website secure?

Please visit our Privacy Notice for more information.

Can I get a different color of hair if you are not offering the color I want?

During our busy season we try to keep all colors of hair in stock. However, if we do not offer the color you want, please Contact Us and speak to one of you Customer Service Representative to confirm.

Can I change my order once it has been submitted?
Unfortunately, we cannot add to an order once we have received it. We are not automated, so we are unable to track the order as it goes through the personalizing process. We hope to be automated for this next year. If you wish to get another item, it has to be a new transaction and seperate order.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order it has to be done within 3 hours of placing the order. Once the order has been sent to our personalized department, we have no control over it and we will not be able to cancel your order. We sincerely want to offer the best customer service, but cancellations are not possible after 3 hours of placing the order.

Why was my credit card charged when I placed my order?

Orders are charged immediately as we ship as soon as possible after receiving the order. Credit cards are processed automatically in a "safe" environment, not as in a store.

When will my order arrive?

Time in transit is the estimated number of business days from shipment of your order to your receipt of it. Please note that service is from time of product shipment (there may be processing or weekend days in between). When estimating the arrival of your gifts, please consider that our offices are in Calgary, Alberta. If your order is shipped by Priority Mail, the Post Office tells us it should arrive in 2-3 business days.

Why didn't I get a confirmation email?

We automatically send out an email the minute we receive an order. If you didn't get one, it is probably because you have a spam filter set high or you gave us an incorrect email address (about 20% of all online shoppers mistakenly type in an incorrect email address). We are sorry this happened. Please visit Shipping Information for the estimated length of time for your order to arrive. We will send the same email address an email when we actually place the shipping label on the package to be sent to you. You can also contact us by sending us an email: sales@santaandme.ca

Does Santa And Me offer discounts on large orders?
Due to the nature of our business, we have to have a very trained staff to do the personalizing. We spend so many extra hours every year to train our staff to do it right. We dont do wholesale at all. There are lots of things involved in the whole process.

Following are the general things we would be looking into before we can offer any discounts:

- Your order must be above $500/-.

- Before we can offer a discount, we need to know which ornament you want?

- Are they all to be personalized the same, or each differently?

- Tell us what you want personalized on the ornament and if they are to be sent to the same address?

Please visit Contact Us and send us this information by email. Please leave your name and phone number where we can reach you.

I received a broken ornament, what should I do?
We are very sorry this happened. We will replace it right away if you write to us at sales@santaandme.ca. In the Subject line, please write: BROKEN ORNAMENT - and then your Order #. Tell us which ornament(s) is to be replaced by giving us the ornament number, which is either one or two letters followed by some numbers. We would also like to know where it was broken, so we learn from our mistakes. When we ship your replacement, we will send you an email. This will be done within 5 days of receiving your email. If we have questions, we will be in touch with you via email or phone.

How do I change incorrect personalization on my order?

Send an email ASAP to sales@santaandme.ca with your order number, item number and the correct spellings. We will most likely be able to make the change for you. This would have to be within a few hours of placing your order. If you do not write to us in time, your order will be sent to you and you will have to send it back to us on your own expense so we can correct it. If thats the case, please Contact Us.

How do I change an incorrect Ship To address?

Send an email ASAP to sales@santaandme.ca with your order number, item number and the correct Ship To Address. We will most likely be able to make the change for you. This would have to be within a few hours of placing your order. If you do not write to us in time, your order will be sent to the wrong address and we will have to wait for it to come back to us.

I received the wrong order. How will you correct this?

We are sorry this happened. Send an email to sales@santaandme.ca with your order number, item number and what item you recieved. We will ship out a new order right away. It would help us tremendously if you could tell us the order number of the order you received. To do this, please take the label off the box and you will see a set of numbers. Send this along to us and we will try to find its owner. We thank you in advance and please accept our apologies! Your replacement order will be sent right away.

If you still have any questions/concerns please Contact Us.